Ships Log - May 3, 2008

Laura Ellen has been moved outside the shed while other boats are moved out of the shop. The humid weather ia helping to bring the moisture content of the wood up.

Ships Log - Apr 24, 2008

The boat has been tented in plastic and humidifiers are running to increase the moisture content of the boat. The caulking process can begin once the humidity level rises.

Ships Log - Jan 5, 2008

Transom planking is now complete. The plan, at this time, is to varnish the transom. The hull will be painted the Interlux Brightside Blue-Glo White.

Ships Log - Jan 2, 2008

The penultimate plank on the port side has been installed. The top plank will be left off until the end to allow for assess to deck fittings.

Ships Log - Sep 18, 2003

Hurricane Isabel hits Annapolis, Md.  Laura Ellen rides out the storm with minimal damage up a creek near Galesville, MD.
Minor damage to the bulwarks was caused by another boat dragging anchor during the storm.  Annapolis was flooded due to the high storm surge.

One of the many boat sunk during the storm.

Downtown Annapolis after the storm passed.


The thought of riding out a hurricane with out insurance was a sobering thought.  I'm was very happy to have not taken ownership of Laura Ellen until after the storm passed. 

Ships Log - Aug 31, 2003

The agreement to purchase Laura Ellen from Gary Cummings in Galesville, MD was finalized. Fred Hecklinger conducted the pre-purchase survey.

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