Ships Log - Aug 27, 2008

The cove stripe and the carvings at the bow and stern have been painted gold. This will be redone in gold leaf at a later date.



Cove stripe

Ships Log - Aug 25, 2008

A drip pan has been fabricated for the engine compartment. The pan is made from carbon fiber and fiberglass.

The prop had been coated with some type of bottom paint, which will be stripped. The prop appears to be in good shape. The hose on the packing gland is being replaced and packing replaced.

Ships Log - Aug 20, 2008

A drip pan has been fabricated for the engine compartment. The pan is made from carbon fiber and fiberglass, coated on the inside with gelcoat.


Ships Log - Aug 19, 2008

The Westerbeke W-27 has been serviced and is ready for reinstallation.

Ships Log - Aug 7, 2008

Laura Ellen with the topside and bottom paint applied.
A "roll and tip" technique was used to apply the finish.


Ships Log - Jul 31, 2008

The old prop shaft coupling and the flexible coupling have been removed.  Due to the amount of corrosion, the old coupling could not be removed from the prop shaft.  The shaft was found to be worn badly in the area of the stuffing gland.

A new shaft was fabricated at a local machine shop using the old shaft as a pattern.  The new flexible coupling ready for installation.

Ships Log - Jul 17, 2008

The Westerbeke W-27 has been removed for service. The prop coupling, flexible coupling and shift bracket are rusted and will be replaced.

The new bronze seacocks have arrived and are awaiting installation. All thru hull fittings will be replaced.

Ships Log - Jul 11, 2008

Caulking is now complete, seam compound has been applied and two costs of bronze bottom paint has been applied.

Transom has been stained and varnished.


Ships Log - May 26, 2008

CPES has now been applied to the starboard side. The waterline has been located using a laser level and taped off.

Ships Log - May 25, 2008

Laura Ellen has been moved back into the the shop. Final sanding is complete on the port side and underway on the starboard side. CEPS has been applied to the port side.

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