Ships Log - Jul 4, 2009

Calking is now nearly complete. Seam compound has been applied to the starboard side.

Ships Log - May 27, 2009

Laura Ellen now has a coat of primer and caulking has begun.

Ships Log - Mar 27, 2009

The deck from the aft end of the cabin trunck to the stern has been removed and will be replanked..

Ships Log - Mar 20, 2009

The cockpit coaming was removed to get access to the deck planking.  This was not an easy task since the coaming was adhered to the deck and through bolted.  A sawsall was used to separate the coaming from the deck.

Ships Log - Mar 15, 2009

The last week has seens the preparation work for firing uo the engine. Despite the efforts to start the engine, it still has yet to run.
Work has started on the deck repairs. The deck planking is being removed, starting at the stern and working forward.

Cross section of deck plank

Ships Log - Jan 14, 2009

I was contacted, via e-mail, by another Bluenose Jr. owner. Port Luck sails the San Fransisco Bay area.

Ships Log - Sep 14, 2008

Pitch was poured into the hollow areas at the joints between the frames, keel, floors and planks. The pitch is meant to fill voids that could hold water and allow the water to drain to the low point of the bilge .


Ships Log - Sep 10, 2008

Chainplates installed.


Ships Log - Sep 7, 2008

The rebuilt rudder has been installed along with the engine, prop shaft and propeller.

Ships Log - Aug 29, 2008

Copper flashing has been applied to the back of the keel to keep marine growth from fouling the rudder The rudder has been test fitted.

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