Ships Log - Sep 30, 2010

Replacement of deck beams is still progressing.  75% of the beams on one side of the cabin trunk area has been replaced with new laminated beams.  The new beams have been dovetailed into the carling in the same manner as the original beams.  Next step is to get more white oak .

The photo above shows the large deack beam and horizontal knees in the area of the main mast.

The photo above shows 4 deck beams being laminated with West System epoxy and clamped in place.  The clamps also bend the deck beams to match the curve of the original beams.

New deck beams in place.  Large deck beam with horizontal knees can be seen in the left of the photo above. 

Ships Log - Sep 23, 2010

Work is under way replacing deck beams along the the sides of the cabin trunk.  After a great deal of consideration I figured the best (possibly the only) way to make the beams was to laminate them in place with thin strips of white oak.  I had used this technique with some success in the cockpit and aft deck areas.

The deck beams are attached to the carling with a dovetail joint.  Each of the strips was epoxied together and clamped in place as the epoxy cured.   The area adjacent to the chain plates have horizontal white oak knees on each side of a larger deck beam.

Over the next month or so, the work of laminating deck beams will continue.  Watch for updates.

Ships Log - Sep 9, 2010

The windlass was removed in preparation for the deck repairs.  Since the windlass was off the boat I thought it was time to clean it up and  get it ready to be re-installed.

The windlass has been sandblasted and primed.

Ships Log - Aug 31, 2010

Some substantial progress on the deck repairs over the past two weeks.  The cabin has been unfastened from the deck and lifted off the boat.  The decking on the port side has been removed and one of the beams has been removed and the area prepared for replacing the beam.



Ships Log - Aug 18, 2010

I started to cut back the deck planing so that I could stagger the joints between the old and new planks.  While doing this I found out that the center of the top side of the deck beams along the cabin trunk were rotted due to advanced iron sickness.  In order to replace the deck beams I need access to the carling.  The deck beams along the length of the cabin are dovetailed into the carling.

To get access to the carling the cabin trunk needs to be removed.  Since the cabin truck also was suffering fron iron sickness I have decided to lift the cabin trunk off to gain access to the deck beams.  After a solid weeks work the cabin trunk is now free of the deeck and ready to be lifted off.  The cabin truck will be repaired/rebuilt before it is reinstalled after the deck repairs are complete.

Since the cabin will be off the boat, I might as well replace the whole deck.  My initial intention was just to just replace the aft deck.  It's amazing how things snowball.

Ships Log - Jul 28, 2010

Three pieces of deck boards have been cut and dry fit.

Ships Log - Jun 22, 2010

Deck beams for the aft deck have been fabricated and dry fit. 

Ships Log - Oct 6, 2009

Repairs to the deck aft of the cabin are underway.
The deck boards have been removed, the deck beams are being repaired or replaced.

Deck beams at the forward and aft end of the cockpit have been fabricated.


Ships Log - Jul 24, 2009

After the injectors and Injector pump were serviced, the engine was run on the test bench to determine if there were and problems. Two significant oil leaks were found.
The first leak was caused by corrosion to one corner of the oil pan.
Corroded oil pan

Another leak was found to be the result of a corroded timing gear cover.

With the use of the engine hoist I lifted the engine off the test stand in order to gain access to the oil pan.

The replacement (used) oil pan and timing cover installed.


Ships Log - Jul 16, 2009

Picked up the order of Southern Yellow Pine from the wood dealer and milled it at a friends boat shop.
Milling deck boards

The wood was cut to width and thickness and bevelled.


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