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Laura Ellen is a W.J. Roué designed Bluenose Jr. schooner built at the Peirce and Kilburn Shipyard, Fairhaven Mass. in 1937. W. J. Roué completed the design for the Bluenose Jr. in 1936, during his tenure with the design firm of Ford, Payne and Roué.

Laura Ellen is currently undergoing a refit after 70 years of service on the Eastern seaboard of the United States. The refit includes repair/replacement of ribs and hull planking.

Latest Log Entry

Ships Log - Sep 30, 2010

Replacement of deck beams is still progressing.  75% of the beams on one side of the cabin trunk area has been replaced with new laminated beams.  The new beams have been dovetailed into the carling in the same manner as the original beams.  Next step is to get more white oak .

The photo above shows the large deack beam and horizontal knees in the area of the main mast.

The photo above shows 4 deck beams being laminated with West System epoxy and clamped in place.  The clamps also bend the deck beams to match the curve of the original beams.

New deck beams in place.  Large deck beam with horizontal knees can be seen in the left of the photo above. 

Contact Information

Allan & Jo-Anne Aylard
P.O. Box 837
Bright's Grove, ON
Canada N0N 1C0

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