Laura Ellen was puchased in Annapolis, MD.  Laura Elen was de-rigged, hauled and loaded on a trailer for transport to the Sarnia Yacht Club.

Hull Repairs

 All the hull planking was removed, frames repaired or replaced and new planking installed.  the bolts attaching the frames to the floor members were replaced.  All "iron" fasteners were replaced with silicon bronze.

Deck Repairs

The deck from the aft end of the cabin trunk to the stern was removed.  Deck beams were either repaired or replaced.  New deck planking was milled from Southern Yellow Pine and attached with silicon bronze screws.

Early Photos

 Photos obtained from previous owners of Laura Ellen.

Engine Repairs

 The Westerbeke W-27 engine was removed and serviced prior to re-installation.  The injectors and injector pump were rebuiilt.  The oil pan and Timing gear cover were replaced due to corrosion problems.  The fuel tank was removed and cleaned.

Other Bluenose Jrs.

Other Bluenose Jrs that I've located.